I love to paint and have always enjoyed a challenge, and being self taught it was certainly that.

Colour has been a very large part of my life, in my many years as a Pastry Chef to my BAHons in Design, in which I specialised in Architectural Glass, it has continued to be the largest part of my work. When I started to paint I tried to consider the story or influence, then how to achieve an interesting composition with beauty, balance and detail. I have continued with this and now realise how similar my painting style is to my glass work, colour is still there, the attention to detail even in my products is there. I still play with the light and I still have large areas of quiet, be it white paper, space, milky sand blast or clear glass.

I think I have retained a sense of humour too in some of my work, many a painting is brought about by watching my children and seeing the humour in their actions. Zebra crossing really is that, just as the children leave school. The little finch flying in is my youngest son, rushing to keep up. Once upon a time... is story time, my sons class were called the Ducklings and there are 30 of them rushing to sit with Miss Featherstone.

It's not just wildlife, it is life, mine and my family's and we had a thief in the apple store to prove it. Just check out Still life(apples) and Pear of still Life. I swear there was a gang and they partied all winter. Woo hoo!

If you happen to meet me at any of the shows I attend, come and say hi. I've usually eaten so don't be afraid. Come and watch me paint and have a chat.

I hope you enjoy looking through my work, please come back again as I hope to be attending many events in the future and will try to keep my site up to date so as to let you know where I will be.