Email down over Christmas 21st-31st December
For anyone trying to contact me over the period of the 21st to the 31st of December, I'm sorry but all my email failed. This being the case I will not have received any mail sent. Please do contact me now as the fault has now been fixed.

New date at Haddon Hall to follow York's Living North Event
Just in an extra event for your diary.

17.18,19 November
Haddon Hall, Bakewell, Derbyshire. DE45 1LA

Last chance to get something unique from me before Christmas.
Candle Lanterns, Vases, Tea light holders and Ornaments all with my own etched designs. Maybe buy something small for the Mom or Mom-in-law while you splurge on a panel of side lit glass for yourself.

One venue, 80 Artists,individual gifts, wood fires, beautiful hall what's not to like!

Love to see you there
Living North York Racecourse
Lovely people, great show. November 9-12 2017.
Love going to York,For those who saw me last year, I hope to see you again. I have some great new products that can only be bought at my shows (not on-line). For those coming to the show anew, you'll have a great day. Put on clothes that can be easily carried, it gets hot, also comfortable shoes. It's spread over two buildings and 5 floors phew!
Find me on the first floor mezzanine, right out of the lift. Head to the front of the building the opposite to the racecourse.

Can't make it? here's my bijou stand for you to see from last year, small, but it's amazing how creative you get with your space. I may try it more often. This year is a little larger but still perfectly formed. With lots of new items to buy. Including, Candle Lanterns, Tealight holders, glass spheres, trays, along with lots of new side lit panels.

Carved glass panels going down a storm!
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I've returned to glass carving after a long break. Having a great time doing it and so far the panels are creating a bit of a stir. Here's a taste.

However if you wish to commission one then get in touch, or maybe you would like one of the ones pictured. Either way contact me for details.

This is a large panel, bird and magnolia, on the right at the back of the main picture. It has a pair, on the left. They're not the same but sit well together.
The large panels are 52x32cm and the smaller are 32x30cm all with an Led stand with adapter and dimmer.