Living North York Racecourse

Lovely people, great show. November 9-12 2017.
Love going to York,For those who saw me last year, I hope to see you again. I have some great new products that can only be bought at my shows (not on-line). For those coming to the show anew, you'll have a great day. Put on clothes that can be easily carried, it gets hot, also comfortable shoes. It's spread over two buildings and 5 floors phew!
Find me on the first floor mezzanine, right out of the lift. Head to the front of the building the opposite to the racecourse.

Can't make it? here's my bijou stand for you to see from last year, small, but it's amazing how creative you get with your space. I may try it more often. This year is a little larger but still perfectly formed. With lots of new items to buy. Including, Candle Lanterns, Tealight holders, glass spheres, trays, along with lots of new side lit panels.