Contact me with your details and I will be in touch to discuss your requirements, alternatively come along to one of the venues I'm showing and discuss your ideas with me. If you would like a commission of either a glass panel or painting I will put you on the waiting list and give you a quote.
Bookings are made of one-three week slot, dependant on glass or painting, or slightly more if it comes around the time of a show. But if it's for a special occasion then please book ahead as sometimes I'm already pre-booked and you may need to arrange for some time before.

Glass panels can only be collected, for obvious reasons. At present the sizes are Large 70 x 30cm , Medium 50 x 30cm, & Smaller 30 x 30cm panel. Should you wish for something unique to you then there is a design fee of £50.00, glass size and costings can be arranged once contact is made.
Coming soon the extra large panel 100cm x 30cm watch this space, this should be fun to do.

I require good quality focused Photographs for the paintings, no phone snaps please unless of extremely high digital resolution. A picture of the pose if this is to be a pet portrait, and some close ups of the face only, so that details can be clearly seen. This is very important for the recipient of the painting as it needs to be their pet not a random pet.

For paintings postage by arrangement with commissioner. Further afield? I can post unframed to keep it affordable. Just let me know where in the world you are and I can let you have prices for delivery.
I'm only an email away, get in touch on my Contact page

This is Jaquies' Babi, a before and after if you will. For a beautiful dog sadly no longer with us.

See what the customers say, this is a wonderful letter received from a very pleased customer with regards to Max

Testimonial re Deborah Hook
In respect of her painting of our Terrier 'Max'
Hendrifton Farm, Cornwall, January 2014

I have never commissioned an artist to do anything at all (what a sheltered life) so I feel duty bound to share my experience with you.
When I looked at the Gallery on Deborah's website, the attention to detail was strikingly obvious. No background clutter, just a clear sharp focus on the subject (and what a variety of subjects!).
I had no hesitation in commissioning Deborah to undertake a painting of our much-loved Terrier, Max.
Deborah met Max for no more than a few minutes, and thereafter relied on a series of photographs I sent by e-mail. She requested particularly clear examples of his eyes, and the 'pose' required for the portrait.
Its a curious thing, to wait with bated breath for a photo of the nearly-finished product to be sent over, but when it arrived, I do not exaggerate when I say I was elated. The likeness was extraordinary, and I could hardly wait to receive the final version.
Even at this late stage, Deborah was keen to check small details before finishing the painting and framing it.
It duly arrived, extremely well protected for its journey, and was unwrapped on Christmas morning by my tearful wife. Magical moment !
The painting now hangs in our hall, a permanent reminder of our canine cheeky chappie, which we will treasure for many years.
I have no hesitation in commending Deborah's work to anyone who would like a special portrait to enrich their life. I felt that everything I asked for appeared by watercolour magic through her skill and attention to detail.

Gareth Jones